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Navy Blue
10:53 a.m. - 2013-01-10

It has been shiveringly cold this last week and many people are down with colds. Not me though, except for the night I woke up feeling like I was catching one, but the spouse went and got the ColdEeze from the kitchen, and I think I nipped that cold in the bud. It is too cold to garden and not much fun going shopping when you are budgeting, so I have been making more sweaters.

The buttons are the only thing left to be done on the red/orange/yellow/purplish/red orange cardigan I made from the yarn leftover from that afghan I finished up last year. It is a really flashy sweater, and I think I love it. I nipped in the waist more than usual, and it looks better than my usual sweater, so M was right about that, it being her suggestion. Now I am working on a royal blue cardigan to test out my latest drafting of a raglan cardigan. I thought raglans didn't look good on me, but the flashy cardigan looks very good (or better than some others, anyway). The color of the new one is called Bright Navy, but it is royal blue. The new sweater draft has some adjustments to the top of the sleeves using instructions from a sweater drafting book I have. It is called a Modified Raglan, and one side of the sleeve top slopes down into the neckline curve giving a wider top to the sleeve and better fit through the upper chest. Or it's supposed to. We'll see soon.

I've been thinking in terms of wardrobes and looking at 'sets' on Polyvore to see what to wear with what. One item I want to use as an accessory is a pin M made me years ago that has royal blue dangley beads on it. I could wear it on a white blouse that would be under the new royal cardigan, success with that permitting.

Still watching Dae Jang Geum. I would love to own the whole set of this Korean mini-series but last time I looked it up, it cost more than $150. That's way too much for a TV show, however super duper it is.

I got a call from my aunt on the anniversary of my dad's death, and it turned out to be a very nice conversation. She told me funny things about my dad's and his brother's (her husband's) childhood that I hadn't heard before, like the time they got BB guns and immediately shot at each other, making holes in their new leather jackets. My grandmother was furious and did what she usually did in those situations, called my grandfather at the office. He came home and set up the anvil (which my aunt says she and the cousins still own) and made each boy smash up his gun with a sledge hammer. That sounds like my granddad all right. We also talked about all the cousins and what they are doing, and all kinds of other stuff. What I thought would make me sad ended up making me cheerful. Go figure.

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