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6:09 p.m. - 2002-08-25

Today is the anniversary of my marriage, 30 years ago today. We celebrated by puttering around the house and discussing what we should buy each other. I told him about a cool appliance I saw on QVC - a steam cleaner that you take around the house and sterilize everything. I told him someone said it even worked on decks. This really sparked his interest so we set out to find one. We quickly located just the one we wanted at the Penney's Home store, bought it and came home. The significant other puttered around while I took a nap, then he took a nap on the couch while I unpacked the steam cleaner and spiffified the whole back bathroom. Then he woke up and admired the floor of the shower, now white, and went outside to putter some more. All in all, a very relaxing weekend, and a not too exciting but pleasant anniversary. Actually, we are going out to dinner tomorrow night and having Big Meat, which means prime rib or mondo steak and baked potato.

But this is today, so I guess I'd better go make dinner

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