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No *&%@#ing!!
2:35 p.m. - 2002-10-27

Well, he installed the new printer, which is an HP deskjet 940. I hid in the bedroom, but did not hear sounds of swearing emitting from the computer room, and then he came to tell me it was all installed. It really actually works, though it is slower. The slower speed and diminished print quality (the former printer was a laserjet) is more than offset by the non-clogging paper feed. I would rather wait a while than have to keep getting up to feed the paper in one by one.

Today has been interesting so far. We went off to church, saw Frank looking pretty good (I always check to make sure he is OK) and greeted the EGs. We got the new church directory with pictures of everyone, some of whom I have never seen before. What did they do, wander in off the street and have their pictures taken? What interested me was the picture of the cleavage lady and family. It, of course, had their names under the picture, so I got to find out their last name for the first time. No cleavage in the picture, thank goodness.

After church (which went by quickly because I was looking at the directory instead of paying attention), we went out to brunch with the EGs. Then they asked us to go see the new digs in Rossmoor, so we went. It was a total reality disconnect to see the new place with stuff all over the place, looking like a pit. G's houses always look lovely, all neat and decorated, so I couldn't get used to the messy messy place with stuff on every surface (even in the kitchen). I have every confidence that she will whip it into shape in no time though. It is what she lives for, after all, the interior decor thing. The rooms are really large for an apartment kind of abode, and as soon as she fixes it up, it should be very nice. I would miss having a yard, but then I am not 80.

Now I have to fulfill my promise and make some oatmeal cookies. Now that the younger daughter is not here filling the cookie jar, I am going to have to get back into gear and exercise the stirring arm. I also have a recipe for kettle corn from Kopycat recipes so I will give that a try. Maybe I can take that to the office Halloween potluck, that would be easy.

Speaking of which, I have to come in a lousy costume on Halloween, which makes me mad because I don't remember humiliation being in my job description. I was going through the fabric Eileen brought to my birthday (a friend of hers was getting rid of her fabric stash so January, Melissa and I divided it up between us) and I got a really luridly colored half-completed kaftan, so I am going to be a tacky beach lady ("beach" being our department theme). I will make some pointy jeweled glasses and wear dangly earrings and sandals, the kaftan and some old fushia pants rolled up, and my straw hat. Maybe I can find a grey wig at the Halloween store. And maybe a cigarette holder.

Off to make some kettle corn...

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