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On to Spring
5:08 p.m. - 2003-01-07

The weather is better now and I am looking forward to getting in my seed order. Christmas is over, but the tree is still up. I am sorry to report that one year we did not take it down until after Valentines Day, and last year we never took the stockings down at all, they just stayed up all year.

We went to the bowl game and I was surprised to have fun, not being a sporty person. The weather cleared up, and we got to sit right behind the band. One ongoing tradition for A's college is the mythical George P. Burdell, and being the only freshman there, she was tapped to go to the press booth and have him paged. When the page came over the loud speakers, the band cheered and chanted "Damn Good Rat!" and when she came back through the stands, the band turned to her and chanted some more and gave her the high five. It was great fun. Their band stands throughout the entire game, another tradition. They looked over at the Fresno State band, sitting comfortably in their section, and said, "Sitting?!! There's no SITTING in Football!" Best football game I ever went to. I had a good book.

Just finished reading Maeve Binchy's Scarlet Feather which I enjoyed very much. If you read a lot of Binchy books, you get the impression that most Irish cheat on their wives and screw around in general, leading to messy lives, so you really can't say that she is a good booster for Irish culture, but I love her books anyway.

I am loving also the Walk Away the Pounds tapes. I am even doing the one with a little weight training, trying not to injure myself. I haven't walked away any pounds yet, but I am a lot stronger!

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