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Dennison's of the Deep
6:04 p.m. - 2003-01-21

So today I was doing the horrible name run, and it was horrible, but as all bad things do, it came to an end. I was walking to the recording desk to leave a note for Brian the recording guy, and the Big Lady Boss called me into the office to tell me that I got my raise!! 10 percent, which is better than I thought but 10 percent of a paltry salary is still paltry. But I am happy that they did not forget me, would you give a raise to someone whose work days were numbered?? To celebrate, I bought myself a few books (used), including a fish cookbook, because he and I want to eat more fish, and someone must know how to make it taste good.

Right now I am trying to eat in a hurry (Dennison's chili beans and rice) so I can go to the quilt meeting, which I went to last night, but it was not, being a holiday. I should really read the newsletter from time to time. So I have to go again tonight, because I am the Button Lady, and people are upset if the BL cuts the meeting, though she would often like to. So I must go, more later.

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