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Weighty Issues
7:17 p.m. - 2003-01-30

Sometimes the timing of events is very interesting. You can be very lucky or unlucky, as when I happened to roll through the stop sign right when the policewoman was there. The other day, I had been all day to work, came home and went out to dinner with him in Walnut Creek, went to the Container Store, came home, and my necklace just broke, scattering beads all over the bedroom floor. That could have been a mess at work, or in the store, but no, it waited until I was just standing there in the bedroom. It was one of the necklaces I made myself, so I don't think I will use that kind of thread anymore. It only lasted a few weeks, since the edges of some of the glass beads must be sharp. In the other necklaces I used dental floss.

This train of thought reminds me of a book we had to read in English in high school. It was about a bridge over a canyon in some foreign country and a group of people were crossing it and it collapsed. The book examined the lives of the people and what caused them to be in that place at that time. What was the name of that book? All I can think of is the Bridge Over the River Kwai, but that's obviously not it. We spent an endless boring time on that book, and I hated every boring, depressing minute of it. One of the happiest days of my life was graduation day from college, when I thought I would never ever again have to spend any of my precious time reading drek other people had forced on me. I was wrong, but that was a happy day.

EG just called and he talked to her. I could tell who he was talking to just by the tone of his voice and the son-to-a-mother patient way of talking he uses. They will not be in church on Sunday because they are going with a Rossmoor group to a dog show. To each his own, I say.

He was telling me that he was having a business meeting with some lady and she gave him her email address, and in the address was oatlands@ etc. He asked her if that referred to the estate outside of Leesburg Virginia, and she was astounded that he had heard of it. She said he is the only person to recognize the reference. He told her that we used to go there a lot, and we have pictures of Melissa outside on the steps of the manor house and in the grounds. That was one of my favorite places. At that time, not many people seemed to visit it, so we usually had the place to ourselves.

I bought some new tennis shoes. I guess they are not called that anymore, but athletic shoes. These were mondo cheap at Big 5, and support my ankles better for the exercises. I also got 5 lb and 8 lb dumbells, but preliminary attempts to try them out show that it will be awhile before I work up to that. I was trying to carry them to the front of the store, and I asked what I thought was a clerk to help me, and he said he did not work there. I asked him if he would help me anyway, and he carried the weights to the counter for me. A nice young man.

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