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Alarming Developments
1:46 p.m. - 2003-03-02

Somebody broke into Marshall's car at work. He was coming back from a lunchtime walk and actually saw the thieves shutting the door of his car and leaving. He tried to casually walk by them to get a good look at them for ID purposes. Don't know if he succeeded. I used to park back there too, before I was moved to the Subdivision Department, but I have nothing worth taking in my car like a CD or tape player.

I usually go to the bank on Saturday mornings when I have two paychecks to put in. I left my latest paycheck hidden in my desk at work, so since I have a door key I decided to go get it early Saturday morning. I have been the first one into the office many times, since I have to be there early to do the dreaded namerun, and I just go in, go up to the code box (or whatever it is called) punch in the code and all is well. This Saturday morning though, I unlocked the door, stepped in, and they must turn off extra lights on the weekend because it was pitch black! I couldn't even see the keys on the code box and didn't know where the light switches were (though I frantically felt around the usual areas). I had only 30 seconds until the building alarm went off, and I did not make it. This piercing alarm went off all over the building. I left. I went out to the car and thought over my options. What if there were hidden cameras noting my arrival and hurried departure?? Anyway, the panic passed and I looked around for a flashlight. Lo and behold, there was a mini-Maglite still in its package in the glove box. So I went back in with my handy light, found the code box, punched in the code and blessed silence ensued. On my way back to the car, the security company truck was passing by so I chatted with the guard, telling him it was me who set off the alarm, but strangely enough, I don't think he even knew the alarm had gone off, though he tried to pretend he did. When he stopped laughing at me. So I went to the bank, and then home.

That afternoon, I went to Jason's house to go through yet more stuff. I have been wondering for years what happened to lots of the old pictures, and Auntie M and I have talked about where they could be. We were going through the bookshelves in the spare bedroom, and Jason pulled out this huge volume, all tied up tightly with twine. I said that it looked like a yearbook, though a heavy duty one because it was thick, like an encyclopedia volume. Jason said to take it into the kitchen and cut the twine off, so I did. It was a yearbook from Cal from 1929, and inserted between every page were many many old pictures. I called Jason, January, and Joel over and we started to look at them, but it was plain that the photos went on and on all through this fat book. I suggested that we tie the book back up and open it up for everyone on Jason's birthday, so they all agreed. My mother must have put them in there to flatten them out years and years ago, and then was unable to tell us about them. I am looking forward to seeing all the photos, some of which I had never seen before. Who knows what else is in there?

Was bored at church today. Brevity being the soul of wit is not a concept espoused by the pastor. Plus there was communion, which I used to look forward to because it cut the sermon short, but no longer. After church the EGs wanted us to go to Carls Jrs for a burger, so we went. While chatting, Grandpa tipped his giant soda over and most of it landed on me, in spite of my gymnastic gyrations to avoid the coming torrent. Oh well, a fitting end to a wierd week.

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