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Thursday Evening
4:44 p.m. - 2003-03-06

We are having the yearly division dinner next week and the theme is American Idol. Another opportunity to humiliate the employees, because we have to take part in a musical act, in our case, Yankee Doodle Dandy. I have been to one meeting about the act and only six people were there so far. The lady who has planned it makes it sound like a Busby Berkeley production, so I have no hopes for a successful conclusion, but at least I get a free dinner. At the plant meeting about the coming event, we were asked what talents we had (I was hiding behind other people) and Cat and Terri said they both tap dance. So Marshall says to Cat, "Then I guess your husband is The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing!" Well, I thought it was pretty good for off the cuff.

Tomorrow we are finally going out to lunch to spend the $100 our department won in the Halloween costume contest. We are going to Benihana, where I have never been. Food you eat with chopsticks is always better. Even Mexican food.

He is sick with a bad cold, is even staying home for two days, and sitting in the sun. While he suffers, I have been trying to spend my Christmas money. I got myself a new lightdesk, since my Mickey Mouse light desk has disappeared somewhere. This one looks nicer, I must admit, but I will always be fond of the Mickey Mouse desk, and hope to find it someday.

That is enough blather for now, because the President is speaking and I have to go watch, because I am an American. Then I will watch Survivor.

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