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Open House
3:44 p.m. - 2003-03-09

Today we walked down to one of those little houses by the BART station to tour it since they were having an open house and we are nosey. The house is small but lovely, with hardwood floors and new roof and kitchen and bathroom. But it is tiny. Only a small LR and kitchen and two bedrooms and one bath. And $309,000.00. How do people do it nowadays? Maybe they don't.

I have been puttering around all weekend in the hopes that I will not catch his cold. I cleaned out my spice cupboard, threw out two bags full of old stuff and lined up all my lovely big Costco containers full of herbs and spices. Now I can find the Pappy's Seasoning in a hurry. Today I was too tired to go to church, but felt guilty so decided not to do anything fun to make the guilt stronger, so cleaned off the top of my chest of drawers. While doing this, I finally watched Attack of the Clones. The romantic relationship between Darth-Vader-to-be and Former Queen Amadala made me uneasy, sort of like child abuse since he is so much younger. Ewww.

Watched the new TLC show What Not To Wear and found the hosts so abrasive and mean that the show was ruined for me. TLC seems to start out with lesser hosts and move to better ones so maybe things will improve.

Right now I am going to go make some cinnamon rolls since he has a hankering for something sweet, and those have less fat than, say, chocolate cake.

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