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Quagmire II
4:31 p.m. - 2003-04-12

I turned on the news while I was doing my exercises this week and saw a few troops going around the park in Baghdad. The camera focused on the statue and I thought that maybe they would pull it down. Someone threw a rope around it and then I had to leave for work. Bummer. Had to see history as a rerun. So much for the liberal quagmire theory, first tested in Afghanistan with such success (Ha!).

This week I made four necklaces and played around with my new pasta machine. It makes kneading the clay very easy. I made some faux turquoise and some earthtoned rainbow beads. I just had an idea. I should get some of those alphabet beads and make a necklace that says Congratulations Dennis and Kay, whose wedding we are going to in a few weeks, but with all those letters, it would have to reach my waist at least.

Yesterday I babysat the Bean, but since that gig coincided with the book sales, I just dragged her along with me. We found her a maze book and a Garfield book which she proceeded to read to me. I got lots of books for Melissa and some fitness books for me. Even he found some neat old books for his collection. After that, we went to Evie's for a hamburger. I have not been there for years, and the place needs a good scrub. There was a full garbage can in the way as we came in the door, always appetizing, and the floor was very sticky and dirty. That's what happens when a place is near the high school, but the counter guy should have made more of an effort. After we placed our order, he came to move the trash outside, and I said to the significant other, "Please don't let him bring us our food!" since I did not think he would be washing his hands after manipulating the garbage. We got lucky and the very nice fry cook, a smiley Mexican man, or maybe Middle Eastern, brought us our food. As is often the case, the place was dirty but the hamburger was primo. Bean had a hot dog and fries and milk because alas, they were out of milkshakes.

Tomorrow we are actually looking forward to the sermon because Craig is going to give it. He is always interesting, even if he is a relative. After that, we are invited to their house for Palm Sunday dinner, and I have to rush home from church and make rolls.

Other than that, my week was pretty boring.

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