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No, I got them all cut.
7:57 a.m. - 2003-06-15

I seemed to have a lot of troublesome files at work this week, everything a hassle, so it is nice to be relaxing on the weekend. Abby had a Saturday job at the grand opening of a new subdivision out in Discovery Bay, and the lure of a $100 paycheck for one day made her agree to do it. We took a practice run out there on Friday evening to show her where it was. I do not know why people would live way out there and still pay $400,000 for a house when you would have to drive everywhere to do anything. While she was toiling away in the sticks, I had to finish up unpacking my junk. I managed to find a place for everything, but he still has about four boxes to go, filled with periodicals and other papers. I want to get the exercise bike and health rider back into the house so we can use them, but otherwise, things are looking up.

In addition to that, I went to get a haircut yesterday morning and got scalped as usual. What is with these people, do I look that much like some old gay lady that I need a buzz cut? Even though I look funny, I do like the feel of the short hair in this hot weather. Good thing it grows fast, or I would be in hair despair. When I was done with that indignity, I went to D Foods and got some meat. I am going to make him a pot roast for Father's Day, and I got some beef stew meat. Then I went to the tortilla factory and got 4 dozen corn and 1 dozen flour. They were making them while I was there and I watched them stacking up the hot new torts as they fell off the little conveyor belt thing. When the girl went to wrap up mine, the flour tortillas kept coming off the belt and flopping down into a big pile on a big table. I hope she was able to spread them out and still use them. Those corn tortillas are so good, it makes me drool to think about them. So I went home and instead of making beef stew, I got out the extra roasted chilis from the other day and made chili verde, only with beef. It was very good, and I have enough to freeze for later. I love the recipes in that book, Mexican Family Cooking, translated from the Spanish, written by Aida Gabilondo. Everything I have tried from that book is excellent. It is hard to find, and I only stumbled across it on a sale table years ago, but recently found another copy in the used book store, so my sister wanted it and I bought it and sent it to her. I think I will make some bread today to go with the pot roast.

Now that I have my sewing machine back up, I am making a pale yellow linen shirt. I was surprised to find that linen is nice and cool to wear, which really is not surprising since people have been wearing it for millenia, but I had never tried it before. They had lots of linen on sale recently so I have a big stash of different colors. It is easy to sew, too.

When I was younger, I thought that I would like to travel and do lots of exciting things, so it amuses me to see that what really makes me happy in life is just puttering around, cooking, sewing, knitting, and watching TV or listening to books on tape. Not very exciting, but that is the life I enjoy. He and I both like car trips, but it will be awhile before we have any money for that, but the day will surely come when the girls are out of college and we have two coins to rub together again. Maybe.

Today is Father's Day and we are going to make Oatmeal Raisin cookies and take some over to Jason. Not much effort involved since Darsey had a fundraiser at her son's school and we bought the cookie dough. It comes in pre-formed little lumps and you just drop it on the cookie sheet. I love modern life!

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