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On Moonlight Bay
5:36 p.m. - 2003-06-16

Well, actually it was at Contra Loma Reservoir. Jason has a new boat, a weird yellow fiberglass thing that folds up and has end pieces that snap in - how seaworthy does that sound to you? Apparently it is great and doesn't leak and sink as one would expect. But then I have never seen it put together, only folded on top of his car. We went over on Father's Day to give him his Oatmeal Raisin cookies and to chat, and he told us about his latest adventure.

Evan and Jason went out to fish in the wee hours of the morning. Jason got the boat into the water near the dock, while Evan was way down the pier or whatever doing something or other. The wind was strong and Jason noticed that the boat was drifting away before he could get it tied up. He grabbed it with his feet, but it continued to move, and pretty soon he was stretched out between the dock and the boat, just like in some lame cartoon, with his feet in the boat and his hands clutching the dock. He yelled for Evan, but before Evan could run over, the inevitable happened, and Jason went into the drink. He thought it might be 20 feet deep or so, but it was only about chest deep. He managed to get back up on the dock after corralling the boat, then looked over at Evan and said, "I'll give you any amount of money to keep this to yourself!" And Evan answered, "There's not enough money in the whole world to keep me from telling this to everybody!"

Tonight I have to go to the quilt meeting again. Note the enthusiasm. Tonight I really must try to get a word in with the president and quit my position as button lady. Then I can stay home and watch TV instead of gallavanting about at night. Something about having a full-time job has dampened my desire for extracurricular activities.

It is beastly hot today, but we got the garden planted and I keep going out to see how my little planties are doing. They were stressed for so long, but I like to see them perking up at long last. Better go get the button machine ready...

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