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'Cause smokiní candy cigarettes is 'bout as bad as baby gets
7:09 a.m. - 2003-09-27

It took me two months of waiting to finally arrive at the day for my doctor appointment, and then I got busy at work and forgot all about it until the memory came back in a flash as I was going on my break. I left work in a rush and got to my appointment with two minutes to spare! Even with the rushing and trying to find the office, which had moved, my blood pressure was excellent, so I am proud of myself. The rest of the day was as usual except for a birthday feed for a guy in major projects for which I brought homemade pizza squares. While I was logging in the new files, I saw two for the Mare Island project, double yuk. Last time we had one of those I couldn't even find the property and had to ask Marshall. Mare Island used to be a Navy Base but is being converted to private use, and the map stinks.

After work I went for a hair trim and had it cut by the usual lady I almost always get. My bad hair karma reared up and bit me and when I came home, I saw that my hair looks pretty good in the front, but the back just has a lump of hair that ends in a ridge that sticks out. Did she forget to cut the layers in the back? This is annoying because now I have to go back again this morning and have them do it again, free of course, but it uses up my Saturday a bit.

At work we have been discussing the Halloween costumes we have to wear on Halloween. Our theme is Las Vegas so various people are dressing as the various casinos. Darsey wants to be a pirate girl from Treasure Island, so I am going to lend her some costume elements from the old ren faire costume and from my costume box, and I am going to be an old gambling lady. Just found out that the spouse has to go to Vegas before that time for a conference, so he is going to get me a floppy Tshirt with some Vegas witticism on the front. Melissa says my costume should be the aforementioned shirt, capris, socks and shoes, and an old lady hat. A candy cigarette hanging out of the mouth is a good touch. And a big cup full of coins for the slots.

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