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Fell Into The Foaming Brine
12:19 p.m. - 2003-11-16

Apparently the brother-in-law's house got three offers the same day it went on the market, all for way way over the asking price. So it sold right away, which is nice for them (no worries) and the new owners are letting them rent back until next April when their new house is finished out in the back of beyond. All this news is courtesy of EG, who is in the know.

In other church news, Frank still fine, even saw him driving, which he didn't use to do, so must be much better after all these years of struggle. But the big news from the beaming husband of EvaMarie - you guessed it, she's expecting a baby next spring. Pastor very pleased as are we all. Now I really have to start a Wallaby production effort, though not in baby colors. I'll have to see what I have stashed away. I also want to make some more woolease socks to keep the hubster's feet warm this winter.

In my effort to try out new fun recipes, I remembered an old chicken casserole from some old community cookbooks, and from the Bentley Farm Cookbook that sounded weird, so I also wanted to try it. Men are supposed to love it. It involves chicken parts with dried beef, bacon, and a sour cream/mushroom soup sauce. We stopped at the store on the way home from church and got the stuff, so now I have something interesting to cook for dinner. I also got some specially cut thick pork chops, because I am going to give brining a try. In that method, you soak the cut of meat in a salty, sugary brine for a specified length of time, then cook it. The meat is supposed to be very flavorful and moist because of osmosis. Never having been successful with pork chops before, I am eager to see if an edible chop is possible for me.

Now I am off to iron him some shirts while I watch cooking shows.

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