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11:20 a.m. - 2003-11-27

Another Thanksgiving without the girls. It just seems strange, and I have to do all the cooking myself. My pie is in the oven now, and smelling very good. It is an Apple Cherry Pecan Streusel pie. I even remembered to thaw the rolls last night so now my holiday servitude is finito.

There was a big accident out on Highway 4 yesterday that made a lot of people late for work. The traffic was backed up for ages. So that was one weird thing yesterday. As I was doing my exercises and watching the early morning news, they had a story about some people who are driving up to shoppers in parking lots (the Target we shop at, the Men's Warehouse across the street and one other place I didn't hear), one guy runs up and clubs women over the head with a metal pipe and steals their purses, then jumps in the grey car and escapes! In the afternoon! Holy moly, I am going to have to insist the girls go out shopping in pairs and keep an eye out. One woman ended up in the hospital with head injuries. I hope they catch them sooner than soon.

I have lost another 10 pounds this fall, I think because I am now doing 12 flights of stairs a day during my afternoon break. It is the only aerobic exercise I have ever done that makes me pause and rest until I am sure I am not having a heart attack, and to get my breath back. It is a killer. (Hopefully not literally).

Jason and I just had a discussion on the phone on how coconuts could have gotten to the Pilgrims. I don't know why he considers bananas defensible but not coconuts. And chocolate. Where on earth would the Pilgrims get chocolate? When did chocolate get to Europe? I sure as heck would have packed some if I was leaving forever, but I don't think I would throw in a coconut. So he is making banana cream pie and chocolate cream pie. He worries too much about what people would like - should he have sweet potatoes with zinkies or plain? So he makes both. He hasn't learned to be a kitchen dictator who lives by the like it or else creed of most long time cooks.

Time to make my midday, pre-feast tuna sandwich.

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