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Two Weeks Until Christmas - Ahk!
5:19 p.m. - 2003-12-10

Not much happening here. I haven't even started the Christmas shopping yet, because I have been battling a cold, or flu, who knows? Yesterday I felt much better, and had a talk with Marshall at work about when I could start lifting again, since he knows all about fitness, or so it seems. So, on his advice, I am starting slowly, with half the weight. Here I had worked up to 12 flights of stairs a day and then a virus knocks me back to the starting line.

We had a storm move through last night. I woke up at about 4 in the morning to hear the wind howling and rising, louder and louder (no rain though) until I thought the house would fly away, and then it suddenly slacked off. I wonder if that was a little twister, which would be very rare, but there was one in Oakland once several years ago. I made sure to look up and see if the roof was still there when I went to work.

I made corn pudding yesterday. This is something I had never heard of before I married into a culturally midwestern family, and it would be a crime to go through life without having corn pudding. I was watching the Food Channel the other day, and they were discussing the advent of Pizza in this country and how it spread in popularity after the war. This reminded me of something Jason told me, about how a Navy friend of his during the war told him about this great stuff he had eaten in New York on leave, called "pizza pie". It is hard to imagine a time when people had never heard of pizza.

Jason and I were talking last week about how diverse the family is, but somehow no one has ever married anyone Italian. How did that happen? The world is full of Italians and we have none of them. Think of all my cousins and all their spouses and children and their spouses, and not one Italian cook among them.

I must be hungry. Time to go over Jason's and eat pizza.

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