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11:03 a.m. - 2003-12-28

Not a bad Christmas, clouded by the fact that I am still battling this insane cold, and now he has it, too. I went out to the store today and luckily they had a sale of Progresso chicken soup so I stocked up for him. Last night he had chicken soup and pizza, because he was supposed to eat the soup, but could not resist the Papa Murphy's pizza we were eating.

I got most of what I wanted this Christmas because after Christmas, I took my Christmas money and went out and got everything I didn't get on the day. Which means, I bought the Pimsleur language system I have been wanting, and can now learn a new language on my new bright red portable CD player that he got me. My sister got me a subscription to Ornament magazine, and I think I am going to enjoy that very very much.

The weirdest thing to happen this holiday week was that I got up Tuesday night because I had a bad stomach ache, stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror and coughing, and then the next thing I knew, I was on the cold cold tiles with the toothbrush holder broken to bits at my feet. I got up, cleaned up the mess, then noticed the big bump on my forehead. I must have passed out and hit the floor. I went in to the girls' bedroom and asked Melissa if she had heard anything, and she said there was a big thump in the bathroom, so she looked under the door but saw nothing, so went back to bed. In the morning I asked him if he heard anything, and he said yes, he heard a big thump too. It is nice to know that when the chips are down, your family is ready to run to the rescue -ha! Actually, the reason they ignored it is my lack of coordination and grace, meaning I am always dropping things and knocking things over, so they just ignore it.

Anyway, I called the advice nurse and they wanted to see me, so after a big exam and neurological tests, the doctor told me that 1. I jumped out of bed too fast 2. I was having a vaso-whatever response from the tummyache which made me light-headed 3. I forgot to take my BP med with food like I was supposed to, leading to said tummyache 4. I was coughing too hard and got dizzy 5. I took one Sudafed which made me lightheaded too 6. All these things things added up, causing me to take an unscheduled nap on the floor, and that I was just plain stupid and not to do it again. My forehead bump still hurts though.

Today I am going to try a new beading technique from Africa that Sandy at work taught me. She made me a necklace with this technique for my birthday, and I love it, so that is my goal for today.

Went to the store this morning to buy some bread and the loaves of bread were $3.69. This strikes me as a horrendous price for a measley loaf of bread, and milk is even more expensive. Little bit of nervousness over the mad cow thing, mostly the lifting of the curtain on how the supposed safeguards are not that great. We are switching to ground turkey for the spaghetti sauce for awhile just in case. We will see how the authorities get their act together. Blame Canada!

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