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16 Tons and What Do You Get
3:56 p.m. - 2004-01-31

The end-of-the-month namerun was not too bad, so everyone must have been good this week and paid their child support or paid the contractors what they owed them, because there were no judgments or mechanics liens. Mostly what people do is to sell their house to someone and then think, oh, as long as I own my house for another two weeks before the deal closes, I will go out and get another loan using the house for collateral. Who do they think they are fooling? It all comes up on the computer, and the deal falls through. Ah, the stupidity.......

I forgot to watch Monk again. It would be alot easier if I were awake then, but I do not even remember to record it. Curses.

This morning he and I went into the office (his) to move his stuff into his new office. We were just making a start on this herculean task, and our main goal was to move the tall bookcases. First I had to clean up the desk and credenza in the new office, for which we had brought Murphy's Oil Soap. They looked much better after that, because they were pretty beat up and dirty. This was to have someplace to put the junk on the bookcases. Then we emptied the bookcases,(not an easy job). We stood on either end of the bookcase unit, because we figured they were bolted together, then we tried to move them. It took awhile to figure out that they were bolted to the wall, but after enlightenment struck, he got out his screwdriver and unbolted them. They weighed a ton and a half, let me tell you. We got a hand truck for one end (me) and he shoved from the other end. We had to make three turns to get it into position in the new office, but we managed it without knocking the thermostat off the wall. We loaded the shelves up again, and then we called it a day.

We were going to go out to lunch at Hubcaps, but as we drove by we could see that it was mobbed, so we tried the Sugar Plum, which is under new management. It was the same grungy old place, but the food was very good, and business was brisk. It was good to see the old place thriving again.

This afternoon I have been listening to another Tony Hillerman tape (Hunting Badger) and sewing on my yellow linen shirt that has been languishing for months now. All I have left are the buttonholes and buttons.

Good news on the work front: when I was getting the bonus from Big Lady Boss, and I told her how I hated the recording desk, she must have remembered, because on Friday Carol-from-the-mailroom told me that she is starting training on the recording desk on Monday. Hooray! I xeroxed off my extensive notes and gave them to her so that she will learn fast and be excellent, and be the substitute of choice.

Tonight I will sew more and watch Japanese shows, and tomorrow the new Survivor!

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