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Fish and Chips
4:56 p.m. - 2004-02-06

I rejoiced too soon when my doctor told me to go off my diarectic, because within two weeks my blood pressure was higher than a kite. This scared me, so I started taking the pills again. I put a call into the doctor to tell him what had happened, and finally, a few days later, he left a message on my phone to tell me to start taking the pills again (if I hadn't had a stroke while I was waiting, that is). That was a scary little doctor-induced episode. It has taken a week, but I am now getting near normal readings again. I don't feel unpeppy though, like I did last time.

It is hard to live life avoiding stressful things, which is what I was trying to do while waiting for my BP to level out. You just drive along and someone almost sideswipes you, or today, I was waiting at a light when two teenagers in a group on the corner started fighting (was it playful or serious??) and surged out into the traffic. You never know if they are armed or not, even the girls, so that was scary.

I was thinking about fish and chips last night and was telling him how I liked it, and he said that there is a place in the next town that makes it well, so we are going there tonight. I can tell myself that it is not too unhealthy because it is not red meat (never mind about the breading and frying). After dinner last night (also fish), I went to knit and watch TV. A little after eight he came in and asked if I was watching Survivor, but I had completely forgotten it was on!! Luckily we had only missed a few minutes. What was I thinking, watching Friends?

I survived the week without my boss to back me up on the namerun, and she will be back on Monday. One day I had to run around looking for some senior person to ask a question and Bernadette suggested Paul, who was rehired a few months ago, and who I had completely forgotten. I ran out of the room and there he was in the hall. All I really need is for the person to say do this or do that, and I put their name on the run "OK per Paul" etc., and it is now his fault and I am good. Passing the buck is the basis of all office behavior.

My spouse said that we should totally spiff up the livingroom shelves tomorrow and make them neat and tidy, and I smiled and nodded, saying nothing. Because in that way, it won't stick in his mind and I can go about my usual weekend sewing and relaxing. I really hope he forgets.

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