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Jaws and Claws
7:26 p.m. - 2004-03-07

Went into his office this morning to help move stuff. I transferred all the stacks on his old desk to a new but identical position on the desk in the new office, and all the stuff in the drawers too. Now he just has stacks and stacks of file folders to sort through at his nonexistent leisure. After this, we had a late breakfast at Hubcaps, at which I was introduced to the waitress as 'Abby's Mother'. Then it was home to put up the bookshelf and put the stacks of extra books from the livingroom shelves into it.

I was really stupid last night and stayed up to watch a scary movie. I didn't know it would be scary, but as soon as I saw the sharks, I should have given it up. It was called The Deep Blue Sea. The end was really funny though. After losing all their companions, the black guy and the white guy were lying exhausted on a floating platform in the sea, as the rescue boat approached and pieces of dead shark floated around, and the black guy said "Man, take me back to the ghetto!" and the white guy said "Amen!". And then I fell asleep and had a ghastly dream about giant birds chasing us into a warren of underground living quarters and trying to peck their way in to kill us.

I have a pile of clean laundry on the bed that needs my attention, and I want to finish it up before he comes back from the office (must be tax season) so off I go.

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