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5:19 p.m. - 2004-04-09

I was working away on some new files when the Big Lady Boss came by and told everyone to come to the center of the plant for a short meeting. Once there, she passed around an Easter basket and we all picked one egg. Inside the eggs were candy and a slip of paper. Mine said "1/2 day off!" Most people got 2 hours off, and Marshall got 1 day off. I immediately went back to my desk and typed out another slip of paper that said "2 weeks off!". When my boss, Sue, came over and asked what I got, I showed her the new slip of paper, which made her laugh her head off. Then Sandy took my paper and showed it around the plant, and people were kidding me about it all day. Brad told me that they used to have the bosses initial all little slips of paper like that so more devious people could not pull a fast one. I called him at his office and we thought that maybe I could take off next Friday half day, but when I asked Sue, she said no, too many people were off that day, so he came up with a new plan which involves me taking the half day off on a Friday in August, so we can go to Reno for the Barbecue cook off. I think it would be a great trip just for the smell alone, but I saw the cook off on the Food Channel, and I could really get into eating BBQ all day and sampling all the different types. His friend Dennis and wife want us to come for a visit then anyway, so housing would be free.

Right now I have to go put the eggs for deviled eggs on to boil, because I like to do that part a day ahead, peeling hot eggs not being too fun. I wish I had that egg peeler, but it is not in the As Seen On TV store yet.

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