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Three's The Charm
9:08 a.m. - 2004-05-22

My disasters come in clumps of three, usually. This time, I have had the electrical repair, the broken washer, and now, my husband comes in to tell me that the dryer is broken because it won't turn on. It is toying with me, I can tell, because if only it had conked last week, I could have had the repair guy fix both on the same call, but NOOO. It waits only 4 days after he leaves to pull this. Now I have to make another appointment and go through all the hassle again. I can't really complain about the dryer, which has had only one repair in its long long life, but it still ticks me off.

I like those commercials with the two home economists from the foil company, Pat and Betty, but I thought they were actresses. I am now watching a cooking show, and they are the guests promoting their new cookbook. Turns out that they are real home economists and were pulled out of the test kitchen for the commercials. This amuses me, since I am also a trained home economist.

It is cold today, or at least this morning, because the fog is still in. Abby and her dad went on their Saturday bike ride 17 miles round trip to Almond River, but he is wising up and took his cell phone and his medical card. He remembered to go in and have the stitches taken out, which I was sure he would forget because of the Las Vegas business trip. They did not actually have the meeting in Las Vegas, but in Henderson. This must be the year for family members to trek to Vegas, because my dad went there a few weeks ago, my brother is still there working on a Sony project, my daughter just came back from a trip there, and my husband had to go there on business. And nobody brought me a T-shirt.

I am thinking that it is better to have your dryer kaput than your washer, because we have a clothesline after all. It just looks like I will be ironing more that I like to (which is not at all).

Abby is now tying her quilt top, and today we are going over to the $2 fabric store to see if there is any flannel she likes for the backing. She didn't want the ties to show on the back, so there will be two backs - one of some cotton, and the outer flannel. She used a lot of the fabric samples I got from the upholstery brothers that were packed away in the garage. My husband is delighted to see something in the process of leaving the house, and besides, the quilt looks wonderful. It will be a good utility quilt for years to come.

I completely forgot that I was changing the sheets on my bed, so I better go finish that.

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