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Lip Service
11:36 a.m. - 2004-06-16

Funny moment from church this past Sunday - the youth pastor and his wife were sitting in front of us with some friends. The other young couple, who I haven't seen in church before, both had piercings. The husband, who got up to speak later, had merely one pierced ear. Now, living near San Francisco, we know these things, but one piercing in the, I think, left ear used to be a signal that the person was gay. I know it has become mainstream now, but I am interested in how and why this happened, men usually tending to the homophobic, so how did it come about that they so eagerly embraced this fashion? Just another humorous peculiarity of life, I guess. Anyway, the wife had her lip pierced with a small gold ring. My mind wandered, and I was imagining what she would look like while eating a salad, picturing dressing droplets and a piece of limp lettuce leaf dangling from the ring, when I noticed that the little boy in the front row was fascinated and grossed out. He kept turning to look back, and the look on his face was hilarious. Which makes me wonder why an otherwise pretty girl would opt for a fashion statement that turns stomachs, as well as frightening children and livestock.

It is suddenly blazing hot, the thermometers said 108 degrees on the patio. I put on the sprinklers then ran to the library (figure of speech, of course I drove) to pay my fine. In the garden, everything is growing well so far, but he is trying to get some beans to sprout this week, so I have to keep them damp. I hear that he is unlocking the front door, just coming home from work, so I better go mix up some tuna salad, because it is way too hot to cook.

We had an 'everyone for himself' dinner. It is interesting to see what family members will make for themselves. He makes himself a fat tuna sandwich and some fruit, I have leftover salmon patties (eaten cold, out of hand) and and apple, and Abby makes herself some taquitos. After he spiffed up the kitchen, we lazed around until the sun went down, then went to the DairyQueen. They currently offer a Georgia Mud Blizzard, which amused Abby, since she goes to school there, so she ordered one, but she chatted with the guy behind the counter. Apparently, he was in the band with her at the high school, but while a chat is nice, it caused her to get the wrong order, some kind of coffee flavored blizzard. I am not into blizzards myself, and always get a dipped cone. The heat had eased off, so we sat outside on the wrought iron benches and ate our treats. A breeze came up, babies went by in strollers and waved to us, all in all a lovely evening.

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