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Turkey On Sale
1:48 p.m. - 2004-11-14

Knitted up Abby's blue sweater in about a week, getting in a few hours of knitting here and there after work. I have sewn it all together and right now I am doing the neck ribbing. It is a strange pattern, with little bitty sleeves that only measure 11 inches wide. I was worried about how small the sleeves looked, so I put the sweater on, ended up looking like a blue sausage, but the sleeves do work. Now I am going to knit a sweater for me, a pullover because I want something a lot less fussy to work on, then I am going to start that Rogue hooded pullover for Melissa.

Only a month until the girls are home for the holidays. Which means I will have to get all my crappola out of their room.

At church today, Grandpa was talking about my spouse's upcoming business trip and said to me, "To bad you have to work, or you could go too!" To which I replied, "Every morning when I get up, I think 'Too bad I have to go to work' !"
Then we went home and I went to the grocery store. When the girls come home, they will be surprised to see what has happened to the old "Little" Safeway in the last few weeks. They put a wood floor in the produce department and upgraded all the produce displays, and put new flooring everywhere else, raised the ceiling, I think, and made the store look much more upscale, including adding a Starbucks! But even more important, the turkeys were on sale for $8 for any turkey over 16 lbs. So I got one and even managed to get it in the fridge.

I got another Emma video from the library. It was an old BBC production and at first the Emma and the Mr. Knightley looked really odd to me, but I got used to them. Still a good story no matter who does it. I really liked the Emma's father character in this one. I think they padded the book out a bit as I don't remember some of the dialog. I also got an old Western called Naked Spurs with Jimmy Stewart, but while I was trying to rewind it and get it started, he realized he was too tired and went to bed, so we still have to watch that one. In other movie news, I hope that Ben Afflect marries that Alias girl, another Jennifer, so I won't have to see endless speculation about them on the tabloids in the grocery checkout line. Well, at least the articles would be different anyway.

Time to go knit.

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