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Low Carb Lifestyle
6:03 p.m. - 2004-12-17

The trouble with forgetting to update for a week is that you are now bored with that stuff so it is hard to write about it. This week was stressful and boring and exciting. Work was alternately excrutiating, where you sit at your desk faking like you are busy, and then mad rushes to get a bunch of work done that they piled on you at the last minute. Plus, I was driving someone with car trouble home from work, and that used up my afternoon break.

We did have a little rat excitement though. When I came into work early Tuesday morning, I went into the dark plant, turned on the lights, and headed toward the recording desk. Something dashed across my path and under the file cabinets. They do get field mice from time to time, so I reported it, and Hugo, the building super, put out traps.
Yesterday, as I went across the plant, I saw the trap was gone, and as I looked to the left I saw a VERY large mouse, possible small rat, just stretched out comatose on the rug. I thought that Hugo must have put out bait too, though I didn't see any. I went to tell my boss about the dead rat, but when I got to her office, she had a Suit with her, an important-looking guy, and said, "Let me show you around the plant!" Holy cow, I thought, and ran the back way to the plant as they ambled down the hallway. I just got there in time and stood in front of the rat so the visitor couldn't see it. After they were gone, Tallia got two xerox box lids, scooped up the rat and disposed of it, I don't know where and don't care. Later, my boss found out how she almost showed a rat to the visitor, and came over to kid me about it. It turned out (someone asked Hugo) that he did not put out bait, but he had come over to our department to borrow some food to bait the traps. Sandy gave him a low carb cookie bar, and it appears that the rat nibbled on it and died. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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