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And Then There Were None
5:57 a.m. - 2005-01-12

More anxiety at the office. Found out yesterday that two more of us are laid off. Tallia was whispering to me that all she was trying to do was last another month, then she will be on paid maternity leave, and how can they lay you off during that? I figure they would find a way, since they laid off a guy two years short of retirement, how nice is that?! Anyway, I don't worry about those things because I secretly hope they will lay me off, but right now, it is not to be. I asked Tallia if they were closing the office and she didn't know, so what the heck, I just went and asked my boss. She laughed, surprised at me, because the standard operating procedure is to stand around whispering in corners, creating ever-escalating gossip. Anyway, no, the office is staying open and I am doomed to a career. When I told Tallia, she gasped at my nerve. I guess I just don't understand office dynamics, and who cares anyway?

Got Melissa started on the incredible sweater machine, and she likes it and got it to work right away. She is now cranking out scarves and mitts etc. She will now be forced to learn how to seam knits together in the correct way. Owning a knitting machine does teach you to be a good assembler because your output is so much greater.

I finally tweaked my T-Top pattern and corrected the math errors but then ran out of yarn. I made a slight effort to check for the yarn locally, but gave up and ordered it from Herrschners. That was easy. I love the color, called Butterscotch, a rich creamy yellow.

Made stuffed peppers for the first time in my life yesterday (since the spouse was gone seeing a client, he hates peppers) and they were pretty good. I am going to take one in my lunch today. Yesterday my breakfast spilled all over me in the car (he was driving) so hopefully today will start out neater.

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