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It Was Elizabeth Montgomery, Because She Was Bewitched
5:00 p.m. - 2005-02-17

Went to Stitches last week, and bought an update for my sweater design program. Now I can design saddle shoulders, something I have never knitted, but like the looks of. Melissa and I drove there at about 80 miles an hour, followed by Auntie M (in her car), who later complimented me on my lead foot. The conference was held in the Santa Clara Convention Center, and after a little bit of ignoring the signs and circling the lot in confusion, we found the parking garage and set out for the market. Melissa was mostly interested in the patterns from White Lies Designs, and I had to admit that they were pretty. The one she got would make a lovely bed jacket. I got some patterns, including one for a cabled jacket that cost $20!! I would never have spent this much on one pattern except that Auntie M talked me into it. We thought it was amusing that the picture of this pricey jacket was so uninspiring on the pattern, and if the designer had not had an actual garment hanging there, we would not have been impressed. I took everybody out to lunch at a brightly colored strip mall next to a Catholic church with a colossal statue of Mary. No kidding, it was like Christ of the Andes. It was really visible from the freeway, and the people standing there barely came up to her ankles. The restaurant was called The Mexicali Grill, and I give them credit, the food was pretty good. The beans met our exacting standards, meaning they had bacon fat or lard in them and were delish. Then we went back to the market and I looked at some more books. Melissa and I went home after that, but Auntie M stayed in town to see her daughter, who goes to college there.

The next day, we drove up to Sacramento at Melissa's request to see the bead store and the knitting store. I bought some butter yellow cotton yarn to make a lace short-sleeved cardigan to wear to M's graduation. I am leaning toward the cardigan called Poppy in the Forever Favorites (Patons) book. I have never handknit cotton so should be interesting. Melissa was looking all over for Debbie Bliss Book #4, and we finally found it in the little yarn store in Davis where we stopped on the way home.

This week at work I have been subbing for Meldina, who is training on the recording desk. My hopes that she would love it were dashed, however, when she jumped around in glee at not having to go back there today. Next week is the division dinner, which I hate, because it uses up my precious evening with no pay, makes me miss LOST, and is boring as heck. Plus, they keep coming up with ideas for humiliating activities. This year we are supposed to dress up like our favorite movie star, which, let me tell you, is not, repeat not, going to happen. When I have to be there at 7 am and work until 8 pm, darned if I am going to flounce around in a costume. I would rethink my position if they offered me a Costume Bonus, but I don't think hell is scheduled to freeze over this week.

After our busy day in Sac, we went to the Egyptian Dinner at church Saturday night. The Egyptian families get together and cook some of their country's dishes as a fundraiser. This year Joel, Jane and Bean came too, though Bean spent most of her time eating the baklava. The menu was quite interesting, and some of the dishes were very similar to some we had at the Greek Festival, like the moussaka-like casserole of ground meat and macaroni. There was also a phyllo pastry meat dish (my favorite), and tomato, cucumber and parsley salad, chicken, and desserts. In addition to the circular and delicious baklava-type pastry, there was a, well, I'm not sure what it was, but there was some resemblance to bread pudding, and another sweet that looked like caramelized squares of creamed wheat with an almond on top (very good). The EG's were able to attend, Grandpa much better from his cold, and EG was much taken with the J's. She asked me if there was any chance of getting them to come to our church, but I told them that they have been going to their church for 25 years now, so I don't think they are ready to change. After dinner, the youth group kids put on a mystery theater, which I enjoyed. One of the characters was named Elizabeth Montgomery, leading to Joel's comment immortalized in the title above.

Three-day weekend coming up, for me anyway. I see some knitting in my future.

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