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12:38 p.m. - 2005-03-05

Just didn't feel like writing this week, because I was too busy living. I started a new sweater, cream colored with lace on the bottom and am already up past the armholes. I was looking forward all this week to the fabric sale at Hancock Fabs, but ended up buying nothing. It is a beautiful day, though, sunny after a week of drizzle and downpours. The blossoms are out on the fruit trees so a little stretch of nice weather would be good for fruit setting. The daylilies are all looking good, the ones I planted a few weeks ago. Abby was asking me about the colors on the phone, and now I wish I didn't throw away all the packaging so fast, because I can't remember all the different kinds I bought. It will be an adventure when they finally bloom. I know there are some yellow, some cream, peachy colored ones, and did I get a red one? They are suppposed to stand up to drought and hot weather, so I am hoping they fill in the bare spots.

I finally got my video tapes labeled, since I was wasting a major portion of my life trying to figure out which tape I recorded what show on. Now I have a tape for each show I record, though I did just drop off a tape for Joel and Jane, since Jane did not know that the Amazing Race was two hours long, and they missed half of it. Life is more complicated when you fall asleep at 9:30.

Tax season is at its busiest, so I do not get to see my spouse much, but I try to have good dinners to put a little something in the day for him to look forward to. Because of the unfortunate and untimely death of one of the partners, his workload has been increased, which means working weekends until April 15.

Right now I am going to go set up my LK 150, which I have not gotten around to yet. I have lots of sport weight yarn I need to make swatches for, not to mention the graduation sweater, unstarted yet. I have the butterscotch cardigan restarted on the bulky machine. I like to come home on my lunch hour and knit for a half hour while listening to the radio. It is amazing how much knitting this adds up to in the course of a week.

I would have to say that Saturday is my favorite day.

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