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Bing Fling
5:44 p.m. - 2005-04-22

Was there ever a mom more tired, more tired of working, more eager to retire?? There, haven't whined in awhile, so had to get that out of my system.

This week we had the night out to celebrate the folks' 60th anniversary. Craig made the reservations at the new Bing Crosby Restaurant, and a bad time was had by all. The restaurant was so noisy, the table so huge (we asked for a smaller one, but they were very (VERY) unaccommodating, so we were reduced to spying each other across a vast expanse, watching each other's lips move. I got the fillet mignon, and it was smaller than everyone else's and a hacked up deformed shape with a chunk hanging off of it. When your entree costs $30, it should be perfect. It was, however, delicious. Why did I not complain to the waiter? Because the service was atrocious and there was never one around. There were busboys, but I asked for a dessert menu and got a smile and a nod, and never a menu, so I don't think English was included in their skills. Suzy had brought a cake but we were so fed up with the restaurant that we had them rebox it up and we all went over to the EG's house. That was much nicer, and the cake was superb, chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate custard filling. Grandpa says as how he is thinking of retiring, since he is now 82. I noticed that he came back from the restaurant and went right into his office to take phone calls and listen to his messages before coming out for cake, so I don't think the retirement thing is going to happen any time soon.

I am sooooo glad it is Friday. Last weekend I made myself a T-shirt in hot pink with a yellow and orange retro flower thing going on there. This weekend I may make myself a pair of pants, and maybe another T-shirt.

Next week I have to man the Lender's desk on Thursday. My boss asked if I needed to go retrain again, and I reminded her that the first time I had to do it, they just threw me in with no training at all, and I lived to tell the tale. Besides they just retrained me a few months ago. Don't they remember that I write everything down?

Time to go eat some Spam. He was going to take me out to dinner, but I am just too tired. Now when being tired interferes with my meals, that is truly truly "tired".

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