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Thanks, Mom!
7:22 a.m. - 2005-08-10

This week the recording desk lady is off on vacation for three days, so I am forced to work that desk. Horrors. Not really, because I am doing OK since business is light this week. The others are having a big brouhaha over some lost documents, but since I am not on that desk this week, I am ignoring the whole thing. So many times people call and accuse us of having lost the documents, everyone searches and has a cow, then the accuser finds the docs on his own desk or whatnot. So I just plain do not care anymore. I will put in the effort and look and look, but no sense raising one's blood pressure.

I see that there is supposed to be a cooling trend, and the sooner the better. I am not doing much this week but watching some videos I got from the library, some old Wodehouse Playhouse (very good), Tortilla Soup (one of my favorites, even the food is beautiful and Raquel Welch is great), and Sweet Home Alabama. Today is my last day on the recording desk so maybe I will go out to lunch and celebrate my freedom.
On Sunday we were going to go out to eat but the restaurant he wanted (owned by a friend of his) was closed, so we went to the Italian restaurant around the corner (in Lafayette). Abby remarked that almost all the items on the menu involved strange and horrible meats, like wild boar, squid, or lamb. She ordered ravioli, but it came with the MOST unappetizing looking sauce. I told her it looked like she was not the first person to eat it, and she and her dad got to laughing so hard that they almost fell off their chairs. He ordered some seafood pasta and it came with little octopuses on it, which he actually ate. I arranged the water glasses so I would not have to see the little tentacles pointed toward the sky. I just had a tomato salad (which was very good).

It is time to bolster my courage and go off to do my last day on the dreaded desk. Bummer.

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