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Fish-Eye View
6:22 p.m. - 2005-11-03

Do we all remember my dad's assorted adventures? He was rolled by his car, fell off a ladder after being buzzed by a dragonfly, was chomped by dogs, and etc. etc. Well, we now have a new one to add to the list. He went fishing in the creek and somehow the fishing line wrapped itself around both his legs, pinning them together and knocking him into the water. He was wet and injured, but managed to get home and dry. The next day his shoulder hurt worse than ever so he actually took himself off to the doctor. The doctor scared him by saying that if he had torn the ligament he would be headed to surgery, but he lucked out with only rotator cuff damage. He has to wear a sling and behave himself for a few weeks. I am ashamed to say that when he described his cartoony fall into the creek, I could not resist a snicker. Just my family characteristics coming out.

I could not believe how fabulous the Halloween costumes at work were. My boss was Captain Hook, a truly excellent costume with wig and beard (she won the company award for best costume in all the branches). We ended up winning best theme costumes in our district with the prize of a luncheon brought in from a restaurant. Plus, I get a gift certificate from blockbuster for participating. They must be trying to boost our flagging moral. I have to admit, the whole thing was fun.

I have been reading the Artemis Fowl books and am beginning the third one. I really like them. It is an original idea, with a fully realized fairy universe, plus villians and action, interesting characters, and what I like best is that the Artemis character is developing and maturing through the books.

I tried to make bread this last weekend and found out that my yeast has entered advanced old age. I will have to throw away the little that is left and buy some new stuff at Costco. Good thing I found this out before I tried to make the rolls for Thanksgiving.

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