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Arnold's Election Day
5:45 p.m. - 2005-11-08

Ah, beautiful, beautiful day. Fall is definitely here, and the leaves have turned. The rec desk lady is on vacation this week, which was shaping up to mean that I would have to man the dreaded desk on Thursday, except that Friday is a county holiday so hardly any docs should come in! Woo hoo! First they told me I would have to work late, then today they remembered the holiday and recinded the order. Hot doggies. Of course, it is not a holiday for us, but in the scheme of things, I would rather have the day off after Thanksgiving.

Today is election day. I went early in the morning, then when I got to work, Meldina, who has been in this country only about 10 years, asked me to explain the issues to her, so I made her a copy of my ballot and we talked about it. She said she wants to "make a difference". I like the enthusiasm of new Americans. This year we voted in the Baptist church, which was a very nice venue, warm and clean.

Tonight he is going to an election party so dinner will be late. I am making teriyaki chicken, sweet potato, and brussels sprouts in the Italian manner. After he gobbles this down, he will be off to the party. I, of course, will be lounging in comfort watching the Biggest Loser and Amazing Race.

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