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Hectic Weekend
4:15 p.m. - 2005-12-18

We finished the Christmas shopping in a blaze of glory (actually more like a trudge of glory), then spent Saturday morning cleaning up the house. After that enormous fun, we drove to San Francisco to pick up Abby from the airport. After we got her home, I had to fix up the rest of my contribution to the potluck appetizer party for the library foundation, then off to the party, two hours of socializing (which, as you all know, is not my forte) then home in the pouring rain, then sleep. And that was only Saturday. Today I was going to take it easy until we went to see the Narnia movie, but Jason called me in the morning wanting to go to Costco to buy the cold cuts for Christmas Eve. He has let his memberships in Sam's Club and Costco lapse because he knows he can always go with one of us. He wanted to go right away, so I had ten minutes to get dressed so that Abby and I could make a dash through the tremendous downpour to his car. We did the blitz tour of Costco, but it was encouraging to see him buy the half gallon of heavy cream, which only means that good desserts are coming on Christmas. After we got home, I had about an hour to putter until we left for the movie, which, by the way, was excellent, then home again to do laundry. And that is my weekend serenade.

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