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Middle of January
9:08 a.m. - 2006-01-15

I am now in the middle of a three-day weekend, and enjoying myself. Yesterday I spent most of my time reading a good book, Montana Sky. Sort of a serial killer/romance story. Saturday night I went to Evan's birthday party, and we all sat around and talked about how weird it is to be getting older. January told me stories about her teaching adventures, which made me really glad that I gave up my short-lived teaching career. I could just never get over the amount of work you had to bring home and all the bureaucratic hassle involved nowadays. It is bad enough to have to work for a living, but I do like to leave it at the office door and come home without it. January brought a letter from my cousin Joey, and they seem to be doing OK. I printed off Melissa's letter so that Jason could read it. We were pleased to hear that her jewelry seems to be selling well.

Today I am going to make some jewelry and sew a little and cook a little. It is time for another cheese day, so I have to grate up all the parmesan (doesn't it just annoy you the way all those TV cooks just HAVE to say Parmesano-Reggiano, like they are SO in the know) and store it in the freezer. Yesterday I made a batch of chowder base, which is the broth and vegetables and seasonings, which you then freeze. When it is time for chowder, you just heat it up and add the seafood and cream.

We are trying to get the stuff together to send another package to each of the girls. We seem to spend a lot of time down at the Fedex, and I do a lot of fedexing at work, so I feel friendly toward them. Imagine them being cheaper that the post office and quicker too. He has signed up for his own fedex number, so it is even more convenient.

Holy cow, it is later than I though. Time to get ready for church.

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