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New Projects
7:11 p.m. - 2006-03-23

I am so knitty this week. I have both sleeves done on the cornmeal cardigan but had to hold off finishing the button band while I waited for the opening of the new JoAnn superstore, which was today. And, may I say, super it is! Huge and new and clean and full of most excellent stuff, including yarn. Didn't see much fabric, but I am sure there is some in amongst the decorator items and such. There was a very large yarn department, but that is because it is day one, but this store is not very good about restocking the shelves, so we shall we how it is in a month or two. I did find some pretty good buttons though, not easy since cornmeal is not a common color.

In other knitting news, I have started the Must Have Cardigan in a delicious foody orange color, called 'Carrot'. There are several cable patterns all with different row counts, so I made myself an excel spreadsheet with the instructions. I have every row from 1 to 184 with the instructions down for easy viewing. Got to love 'cut and paste'! As you can tell, it was a slow day at work.

I have missed doing cables, since I haven't really done any since finishing Abby's Cabled Hoody. I am remembering that I drafted that cabled hoody pattern for the knitting machine, so if I can find some nice soft worsted weight in an acceptable color, I should try it out. With no bobbles, because I do hate those bobbles. Bobbles, the skin tags of knitting, blech.

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