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Dial Tone
12:55 p.m. - 2007-02-13

During the storm this weekend, we lost all phone service. We have two phones, plus cells, one phone on AT&T and one on Astound. Both went out at the same time. I was totally bummed out at the thought of having to call AT&T because the last time I tried, I was on the phone getting bounced from place to place for almost 2 hours. This time however I got right through and set up an appointment. The man has just left, having determined that there was a short in some line a block away from us that was affecting our line. Before he determined this, though, he had to access the junction box in the garage way up in the peak of the roof on the inside. Our garage is packed to the gills, so the man and I sort of stood there and looked at it, then he went to climb the pole while I started to move stuff out, hoping the rain would hold off. I managed to make a big enough area so he could climb our ladder to get to the box, but I had put in a call to the hubster to come home and help me move stuff, so that is what he is presently doing. A few minutes ago my phone rang for the first time in 4 days, so we are back in business there.

While the ATT&T guy was up the telephone pole, he opened the junction box to find multiple wasp nests, whose inhabitants attacked him. He managed to escape with only one sting, though.

On a different subject, I really don't like watching that creepy Syler on Heroes. I have the same reaction to him that I had to the Borg, creeped out. So now that we are watching the Nora Roberts movies on Monday nights, I record Heroes and when watching it, speed past the Syler parts. Why has Hiro lost his powers, I wonder? Also, I want to see more flying going on.

Today I am trying to sew a cover for my little stepstools so that it will look like a little ottoman. I neglected to notice that the sides widen out a bit, so now I am having to rip out my seams in four places and sew in wedges to give in a more bell shape. In addition to that, I am about 5 inches into a black lace sock. The pattern is barely visible on the black yarn, so I will have to wait and see how in looks wrapped around someone's leg. I am also up to row 15 on the fuschia sweater border. I am thinking that it will be a cardigan with lace border at the bottom of the body and sleeves, and with a lace bordered collar.

Saw more almond trees in bloom, and a patch of violets on the back lawn.

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