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Flying Squirrel
2:05 p.m. - 2007-12-04

My husband has a big birthday this week, and I have knitted him a hat and two pairs of socks. Now I have to think of what to get him for Christmas, since we still have budget constraints and I am low of funds. I have a vintage shirt pattern so I may try to make him a shirt. It would be a pleasure to sew on thin fabric after the Christmas present I am presently making that is very hefty and difficult to sew. It will have to remain a mystery since the recipient reads this diary. But my hands are sore and punctured from shoving the item through the sewing machine, so I need to rest them. Luckily, today I finished most of the item except for some hand sewing.

Melissa suggested that we watch Tin Man, so we did, and wow, what a great show. Tonight is the last part and I am curious how they are going to resolve the issues. Who is the Tin Man's son? How will they kill the witch? Sometimes things put on by the SciFi channel are less than stellar, but this one is great.

I have to make a cake for the big birthday evening later this week. We will also be celebrating my MIL's birthday, and she likes chocolate, so that is a given. I was thinking of a rich chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream filling and topping, and frosting around the sides (for transportability) sprinkled with pecans. Then I should make another dessert with Splenda for those family members who can't eat sweets.

We are finally having a rainy day after a long dry fall. I was very startled this morning when some stupid squirrel tried to leap from the neighbors' house to ours, misjudged the distance, and slammed into the bedroom window. He picked himself up and ran back to the neighbors' house.

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