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Sunday On The Peninsula
2:09 p.m. - 2008-05-05

This week I managed to sew three items and knit a hat for the rescue mission. I have had a piece of knit fabric that I got off the sale table many years ago, a waffle-weave stretchy knit in off white with a large navy plaid printed on it. There is a reason that this fabric was on the sale table, the plaid was printed on it crooked and off grain. I decided to just cut the garments out without worrying about matching the plaid, but luck was with me and after I sewed the pajama pants and shorts together, the plaid matched across the front, back and sides. It was a sewing miracle! I made a little T-shirt top out of a scrap of navy knit I had left over, so now Abby has some new pajamas. The top fit so well that I have to hunt up some red knit to make another one to match some more PJ's I am going to make out of a strawberry print flannel I got at the Joann's sale.

Saturday we went into the bead show in Oakland, and Sunday I planted the cucumbers and squash in the morning, then went to Stanford to see an art exhibit the spouse was interested in. We stopped at Abby's apartment on the way to give her the mail that had accumulated at our house and for her to try on the PJ's I made. Then we all drove to Palo Alto to the Leland Stanford Jr. Memorial Museum to see the exhibit on landscape paintings. I loved the museum, which was fortunately free. There were some great portraits and some great African art too. I confess, I had never even heard of Frederick Edwin Church, but I was very impressed with his paintings. Not so much with Winslow Homer whose painting pretty much bored me, but Thomas Moran was also quite good. I got in trouble twice with the museum guards. The first one gave me a talking to, but since his English was very iffy, I could not tell what the heck he was saying so just continued on my way. A different guard upstairs stopped me again, but this time I was able to understand what he was saying, and it turns out that they object to the wearing of a small backpack purse. I think they are afraid you will clobber other gallery visitors or knock over a Rodin statue or something, but he said it was OK if I wore it in front instead of in the back, so after that I was fine with them. They had a huge collection of the works of Rodin, but metal statues are not really my thing.

We had told Melissa that she could come over for Sunday dinner, but we did not even get home until after 5:00. I had about 45 mins to throw a meal together, and I made hamburger patties, fried potatoes, cooked carrots, and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Cooking under pressure! Good thing the spouse had bought some hamburger the day before.

In movie news, I watched Secret Society, a strange movie about female English sumo wrestlers, and I liked it very much. I will be watching a bunch of old British mysteries while I try to get some garments cut out this week. Melissa has let me borrow her DVD of Dexter, so I am going to get caught up on the ones I missed. My favorite new shows: Burn Notice, and Dexter.

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