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Phone Week
4:43 p.m. - 2008-10-13

Thursday night was my birthday dinner out with the family, Saturday night was the birthday dinner at Jason's (delicious!), and Sunday the in-laws took us out to lunch at Hubcaps in Nut Creek. Now I am strangely tired of food. The in-laws are looking hale and hearty and told us about their recent trip to the South on a tour. I am afraid that I was pretty tired and didn't pay as good attention as I should have, and after we came home I slept away the rest of the afternoon.

Today I had to remember to get another airtime card for my tracfone, since it expires tomorrow. I am getting better at getting the card and entering the minutes, considering the prehistoric nature of my ancient cellphone. Last year it took two tries for the phone to accept the minutes, but this year the website is much easier to use and I was successful on the first attempt. I called my spouse to see if the phone was still working (I only have it for emergencies and hardly ever use it) and it was. Since I don't use it much, and I don't seem to ever lose the minutes, there are many many minutes on the phone.

I have only about 1 more inch of lace to do on the body of the FLSweater, so I am looking forward to starting the sleeves. I am also cutting out another peasant blouse from McCall's 5627 in a dusty green linen-like blend. This is a wearable muslin to practice the machine embroidery. I spent the afternoon listening to a book-on-tape and tracing the embroidery pattern onto the yoke pieces. I was going to cut out the blue cotton but discovered that I hadn't prewashed the fabric yet, so that will happen later.

The spouse just called to tell me that he is having some clients over to sign some papers tonight, so holy cow, I'd better go clear a path through the living room and vacuum.

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