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Pressure Washing
4:16 p.m. - 2008-10-18

Yesterday the husband took the day off from work to paint the side of the house and to pressure steam the deck prior to staining it on Saturday. I puttered around the house, making him some cookies, doing the never-ending laundry, and knitting while listening to a book-on-tape. At about 4:00, the spouse asked if I was going to the booksale at the library. What?!! I had forgotten the booksale. We called up Melissa to see if she wanted to go with us, since we are members of the library association and get to go to the preview night ahead of the stampeding public, so she stopped by after work to go with us. My lucky finds at the booksale aside from some puzzle books for the Bean, were a stack of absolutely beautiful Japanese quilting magazines, some old cooking pamphlets and some old needlework pamphlets.

Today I was knitting on the FLS, having at long last finished the body and started the sleeves, while listening to The Book of The Dead by Preston and Child. I put in CD #6 and noticed an ominous note stuck on the back of the book-on-tape container saying that CD #6 had been cleaned. This cannot be a good sign. Sure enough, the CD was impossible to hear. Oh, heck, I thought, I was missing major portions of the story. Then, since I had to go to Costco for milk anyway, I decided to stop back in at the booksale and look for an actual hardcopy of the book. I managed to find a pristine paperback for 50 cents, and spent the afternoon reading the portion of the book that was on the injured CD. I have now gotten to the part where Agent Pendergast escapes from the prison.

I finished the green Mexican top, and it fit OK, but I need to take quite a bit of width out of the body for the next version since Melissa is a bit slimmer than her previous self. Which reminds me that I need to preshrink the cotton fabric. I very much enjoyed doing the free-motion embroidery, and next time I want to combine applique with the FME to have all the deep colors without the endless handwork. Because it's all about the color.

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