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Weekend Adventures
9:00 a.m. - 2008-10-27

The spouse had to go to an all-day retreat for some foundation client or other in scenic Sausalito on Saturday, so Melissa and I concocted a field trip to the southbay. I wanted to go to the Japanese store, of course, so we stopped there first. I managed to find the little embroidery volume I was looking for, and Melissa bought two craft magazines for herself. The store was full of families with the cutest little kids running around or waving from strollers, all jabbering in Japanese, so the entertainment factor was high. We went over to the big Japanese market to look around. They seem to have put in a very popular noodle-bowl restaurant at the front of the store. In addition to the interesting food items in a Japanese grocery, these stores also carry cooking and household implements and gadgets that I love to look at.

After that we went to two yarn stores. Melissa picked up some yarn at both places, but I couldn't find the Nashua booklet I was looking for. We came back up the 880, then cut over on Mission, which gets easier every time we try it as the construction gets more and more complete. On our way down Mission, Melissa expressed her regret at not stopping at the coffee place in San Jose, so I pulled over into the nearest shopping area, assuming that there would be a Starbucks anywhere you stop, and lo, I was correct. While she bought her beverage, I got the best junkfood ever, Cheetos.

I am making a new top with machine embroidery on the yoke. I think that I will work on that today because the sleeves are way too short, and I have to cut out some new sleeves out of the mere 5 yds or so that I have left over. It certainly is more rewarding to whip out a nice looking piece of embroidery in one day instead of taking several weeks to finish it. That new stabilizer I got on sale at Joann's makes it much easier to do a quality job.

Well, we may be heading over to the rescue mission in the next few weeks, so I had better go knit up a few more hats.

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