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8:17 a.m. - 2008-10-30

Yesterday Melissa did not have a meeting to go to in the evening, which worked out well for me since I needed her to try some things on for fitting. I had finished up the greenish rayon top with the gold embroidery, so she tried that on first. Score one for me, it fit great. I like it when I can add another pattern to the TNT (tried and true) category and can use it again without having to adjust it. Then she tried on the February sweater and hallelujah, the sleeve is long enough to do the band. I should finish that this morning and then on to the second sleeve. The end of this sweater is within sight. Though it looks like it will be mondo cute and fits great. I also brought over the two puzzle books for the two J's. They do love their puzzles, so I look for the books at the library booksales.

Now I am pondering what to make next in my 'learn machine embroidery' quest. This time it should be for Abby, but I will have to go through the pattern stash and see what patterns she likes. When I buy a bunch of new patterns on sale, I let the girls look at them and put their initial next to the styles they like. Thankfully, they have grown past the stage of hating a fashion just because of the color of it on the pattern envelope and can now use a little imagination to see the possibilities.

The husband has stocked up on Halloween candy, but the weather forecast is for heavy rain tomorrow night. One of the ladies at church (they are worried about their Harvest Festival scheduled for that night) says that there is supposed to be a lull in the storm just about that time, so we shall see. We seem to get less trick-or-treaters every year. If we have lots of leftover candy, I cut it up and use it instead of chocolate chips in cookies.

The spouse and I are very tired this week, me because I got a flu shot and seem to be fighting off its influence, and he because he is working hard. I keep thinking I am coming down with a cold, but then it never happens.

In foodie news, I used a recipe from the Spam website to make spaghetti carbonara using the aforementioned Spam. I followed the recipe as stated except that I added some milk to the eggs and made a sauce to which I added the Spam mixture. Very very tasty. I cut the recipe in half but it made a lot of food with only half a can of Spam. The spouse liked it and had a second helping so that there were no leftovers to deal with. I figure that I have done so well reducing my cholesterol that a little splurge now and then can't really hurt. And if I am going to splurge on cholesterol, Spam is my vehicle of choice.

I've got to have the EG's over for Sunday lunch one of these weeks, as soon as we are not so tired anymore.

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