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Fall of Nineveh
8:07 a.m. - 2008-11-12

The women's group at church is studying the lesser prophets, and this week is Nahum. Which I had never read before. The study book includes historical writings from ancient historians, so I found great interest in the images brought up of a great city with its wall so thick that three chariots could gallop abreast across its top, and the incredibly sick culture of depravity and torture. The city fell in 612 BC, at which time the king had a humongous pyre built inside the walls and had many golden couches placed on its vast height. Then he went up there with all his wives and concubines and burned everyone up in a blaze of unglory. It makes me wonder about all those women - did they go voluntarily or were they forced upon the pyre? Me, I would have been hiding in the cellar.

I needed an adventure this week, so, since I still had some spending money left from my not buying any beads, I drove to Lacis. I spent a pleasant hour looking at all their books on embroidery and crochet and lacemaking. I ended up with two crochet books from Spain and some crochet thread. Now I am definitely broke, but I can make nice edgings.

I have resurrected the Monkey sock and even knit a row or two. I have to get that heel turned and get on with my sock life.

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