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Mid-week Musings
4:02 p.m. - 2008-11-13

I am having cinematic bad luck today. I tried watching a DVD of The Singing Detective, which turns out to be a 6-part series about a poor guy with a horrible skin condition. All very modern and meaningful, etc etc., but it turns out that the author had the same skin horror in real life, so it was way too ooky and sad. So that went back into the library book bin. Then I tried Aeon Flux, and it was kind of cutesy self conscious etc etc, so back to the bin for it too. I need a movie to knit by!! OK, I am going to give The Replacement Killers a try. My taste is nothing if not eclectic.

I like using the word 'eclectic' because it appeared on the SAT test lo these many years ago, and I had never even seen it before, so I definitely missed that question.

We saw a movie in my church womens' group yesterday, and I had a bad reaction to the extremely lame woman who gave testimony in the documentary. Apparently she married for love, and on the wedding night the guy turns out to be some psycho rapist abusive woman hater, yet she stays with him for 5 years. There was physical and mental torture, and then he left her and she was sooo sad. Give me a break. During the discussion in my group, I asked if we were supposed to admire the woman for staying with that nutcase, and apparently this is not what the ladies were expecting to hear, but it did lead to a spirited and interesting (though depressing) discussion. My life has been very safe and staid compared to that of some of those other ladies. However, I may have led a sheltered life, but I do know Crazy when I see it which puts me miles ahead of that dumb lady in the documentary. I came to understand from the discussion that having brothers sort of innoculates you against putting up with abuse, especially if you squabbled as much as we did. Having developed this point of view is a guarantee that abuse from any person will only happen once, and after that the person is out of your life. Forever. If they survived the encounter, that is.

Thursday! Today I am going to make tacos with the leftover pork tenderloin and then on to Survivor, The Office, and that new show about the scientist for the FBI, the name of which is forgettable so I have forgotten it. I am crocheting some white trims and knitting on the sweater sleeve. I got some new Spanish crochet books at Lacis and want to try a few of the gorgeous edgings. However, I am supposed to be making a hobo bag for Melissa so she can have a large bag for her Disneyland trip, so today I found the pattern and hunted up some rings for the straps. I have to find the green upholstery velvet I have stashed someplace to use for the bag.

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