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The Missing Cup Mystery
9:15 a.m. - 2008-11-18

My bread machine recipes use ounces for the liquid measurements, so I use a tall plastic measuring cup for this purpose. The cup is so useful that I went out and bought 4 more of them so that my supply of these cups would never run out. So where have 4 of these cups disappeared to??? Suburban houses are scientific gateways to another dimension, I am sure. If you were able to travel to this other dimension, you would find it full of single socks, scissors for children, long hairpins, my measuring cups, and all those other items that mysteriously vanish from your life. I am contemplating the worst case scenario, though, in which I took the cups and put them somewhere "safe", never to be seen again.

Yesterday I managed to accomplish quite a lot. I wrote out a list at the start of the day and eventually crossed off all but one item (put away the laundry). I made bread, cut out the purse lining from the batik fabric, ironed some shirts, and emptied two big storage boxes left from the construction. Only two more boxes to go! The husband came home from work with some empty xerox boxes and dumped them in the glorious empty space that I had created, so the empty floor space only lasted an hour or two. I think I will take those boxes out to the garage today and reclaim my triumph.

Today I have to make some food item to give to a financially strapped family that my church women's group is supporting. I can't afford to buy a bunch of grocery items for another family, money being tight, but I can sure make a humongous batch of rolls or granola so that is what I am going to do. I also have to start sewing on the purse, especially deciding on the interfacing to use.

I was out to the WalMart yesterday, and was horrified to see that they have gotten rid of the fabric department. I asked an older saleslady about it, and she was very vehement in her disgust about the situation. She said to complain to the management because it was a man who made the decision. She was quite angry about it. The whole store looks different, more like a Kmart. So my WalMart is dead to me now. No sense driving over there for nothing when I can just go to the Kmart which is much nearer. Though the Walmart still has a little bit of yarn, but I can get that at Michaels on sale.

EG finally called me with my orders for Thanksgiving. I am supposed to make rolls, and she wanted me to bring a veggie but couldn't think of one that would go with the stringbeans Abby is making and the sweet potatoes. I was actually ahead of the pack on this one, so I told EG that I had a giant can of corn and would make corn pudding. She agreed, so I don't have too much to do this year. EG says there will be a big crowd this year, so the more food the better. Besides, I love corn pudding.

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