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Confrontation, Closets, and Communication
8:20 a.m. - 2009-01-15

Yesterday I waited around all day in case Jason needed me to drive him to the doctor, so I amused myself by signing up for Facebook so I could see what it looked like. It was sort of interesting, but now that I have looked at it, my site will probably wither away unvisited except about every couple of months. I get the distinct impression that the younger generation thinks that Facebook is their territory and that old folks look out of place there. It does look like a good way of communicating with family members who live far away though. My other BIL and his kids and spouses all are on there.

I finished up the socks for my BIL in only 4 days. I have to get a mailing envelope and then I can send them off. Those went so fast that now I have started up another pair for the spouse. He tried out the Opal pair yesterday and liked them a lot. They need washing and softening up, but so far so good in the warm feet department. It was down to freezing last night with frost on the ground this morning, so there is still time left to be thankful for handknit socks. I am getting ready to start another cardigan. So far in my goal of a dozen 3/4-length sleeve cardigans for myself, I have the Ranch Red, The Fuchsia, and the Apple Green. Next up, the Periwinkle.

In sewing developments, I am working on the blue dotty tote and have finished the lining pockets. Today I am going to attach the batting to the outer fabric and start putting the whole thing together.

In strange and scary happenings, I was verbally attacked in the grocery store by a crazy guy who took exception to the fact that I reached for a can of chili beans when he, standing behind his wife on the other side of the isle, had decided that HE was going to reach for one, though he hadn't actually got close enough to do it yet. His poor wife was so embarrassed, and I was afraid this guy would turn his anger on her, so I politely apologized while slowly backing away. He was a youngish guy, early thirties anyway, all dressed in black. I think there may have been recreational substances involved. He told me to shut my mouth and went on and on about rudeness everywhere, then swept out of the isle with his woman in tow, and he reached out his arm and knocked a can off the shelf, because he is polite and I am not, apparently. I waited a long time to leave the store to be sure they were well and truly gone so he couldn't see what car I got into and follow me, and then I was so spooked that I drove a very circuitous route home checking behind me all the way.

Only a month until Stitches. I am not sure what I want to look for this year, but if I don't spend my saved-up Stitches fund, I will use it to get Cone Thread. Melissa now has a place to store her yarn stash, on some black shelving she got from IKEA. The yarn looks great against the black shelves and acid green walls (or pear green as she calls it). Abby put together my Anaboda chest and I filled it full of patterns. Now that it is put together, my plan for the guest room is starting to be put into action. We have to get the big desk from Jason's and get rid of the old desk, then I have to tackle the jam-packed closet to see how on earth I can get my clothes in there.

Yesterday was a day off from the exercises because my arm was sore, but today it is back to the Shred.

It is only a week before the Coronation so I had better get some DVD's to watch. I got my first Netflix this week, and though the movie was somewhat odd (Hancock) it was fun to have it just show up in the mailbox.

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