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Christmas Preparations
5:21 p.m. - 2009-12-21

Tis a few days before Christmas and I am just realizing the fact. Today I was going to wrap a present, and it rattled strangely when I picked up the box. Oh no, the item was broken. I had to drive back to Nut Creek to exchange it. Believe me when I tell you that Nut Creek a few days before Christmas really is best avoided. That town is the pits for parking in non-holiday time so you can imagine how horrendous it is now. Oh well, I parked in front of the Baja Fresh and walked a few blocks to the store for the exchange, and then, to justify my parking there, I just had to buy a few fish tacos and wolf them down in the car. That made the opportunistic parking perfectly legal.

The spouse put up the tree all by himself the other night, for which he gets the Family Medal of Honor. I am trying to do a little holiday baking. Today I made some key lime cookie bars, and they are still warm from the oven but seem to be delicious (I sneaked a taste). They have a cheesecake layer on a crust that has coconut in it. I have a batch of shortbread in the oven now. I also want to make some Hershey's kisses cookies. I bought some mint kisses, but I just tasted one and phewy, yuk, very toothpastey. I'll use the plain ones instead.

I am sewing a pair of PJs for Abby. The top is all finished, and the pants are about 1/3 done. I should be able to finish those up with just an hour or two of work.

Time to think of something to make for dinner. Also, where's that UPS guy?? The stuff I ordered is supposed to be delivered today and it's already almost 6:00.

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