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Restful Retirement
7:44 a.m. - 2012-06-27

Since I got laid off from my job I have worked harder than ever in my life. This week was no exception. I don't know why the garden and fruit trees are so much ahead of schedule this year, but they are. I can tell by the dates on the freezer containers I put up last year. For example, the pickle relish dated to mid-August, but the big wave of cucumbers is already here and I made the relish yesterday. Also have frozen up the prepared apricots and some plums for jam. The tree is still loaded with golden plums, so the spouse will have to take some bags of fruit to the office. Yesterday I was on my feet all day making the relish and processing the plums, the first time I have had to do two 'putting-up' chores on the same day.

The backyard looks very nice this year probably due to my purchase of a Garden Weasel. This is a contraption that chews up the dirt and kills weeds. Also, I am using some inexpensive drip hoses to advantage, and squash plants seem to prefer that to sprinkling.

Due to the sudden influx of produce, my sewing has languished, but I have to get busy and finish up a top for M before she goes on her vacation to Texas. I did, though, finally finish the afghan that has been in the works (or at least the back of my mind) for about 4 years. I have lots of leftover yarn and may make some cushion covers. I may start another crochet project but it won't be multi-colored since I am soooo tired of sewing in the many ends of yarn. The next one will be one color and the squares will be crocheted together, not hand sewn.

I have been considering getting a newer embroidery machine and have talked to my local dealer about it. I thought it would be more expensive, but since I know exactly what I want and don't need the top-of-the-line model, the machine the dealer recommended was much (Much!!) less expensive than I expected. I want a 5x7 field and some other computer specs, but he showed me a Brother 780 D that would be perfect. I am going to get it as soon as I save up the money.

The other big change that is brewing is that my MIL wants to move into a senior community pretty soon so she will be closer to us, so we went with her to look at the complex. It is extremely nice and affordable, too, so she has put herself on the waiting list. Now comes the hard part of paring down her belongings as she downsizes. I know from cleaning out my dad's house that this is a huge job and takes forever. The move should happen later this year, and it will be very nice to be able to have her over for Sunday dinner every week again.

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