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Christmas Shopping
8:03 a.m. - 2012-12-18

How I hate shopping. After getting the spouse's present, I read A's Christmas list and remembered that I didn't know what the older daughter was getting for the younger daughter, so I had to go home and call her at work. Once I knew there would be no duplication of efforts, I was able to finish up the shopping for A, and go to the Costco for holiday food. The Costco was just full of older ladies pushing very heavy carts while talking on cell phones. Not a good combo. People should go off into a corner somewhere to talk instead of blocking all the isles on a busy shopping day.

This year I am making potato soup, zombies, and deviled eggs. Ab wants to make a Christmas breakfast casserole so I bought a huge 3-lb log of Jimmy D. sausage. Also a LOT of cheddar cheese for the zombies. I'll have to see if I can get Velveeta at a reasonable price. The breakfast casserole also involves Tater Tots, (how bad could that be??) so I still have to get those.

My niece is coming to town for Christmas and wants to make Christmas dinner for us in the Olde English fashion with beef roast, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, and figgy pudding. We are all a bit leery about the figgy pudding so are baking other desserts just in case. The not having to cook part is very appealing to me, though.

I finished the first pullover and wore it to the family tea party and am working on the second version. This time it is aqua and has a V neckine. I just have the sleeves left to knit.

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