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Tea Party
9:27 a.m. - 2013-02-26

The long winter cold temperatures are beginning to wear me down. I am ready for Spring already and am tired of freezing every morning. Usually I am behind the schedule about starting the seeds, but this year I am eager to start and it is too darned cold still.

Last week was very tiring. I had four social events one day after another plus the ladies' group at church, and this is way more smiling and chatting than a shy person such as myself is used to doing. On Friday we went to Stitches, and Melissa did buy some yarn and booklets, but I couldn't seem to find anything that made me want to buy. That night, we went to a restaurant with the in-laws extended family as a thank you from my MIL for helping her get settled in her new place. Then the next morning we drove to the peninsula for a tea party at Ab's house. It was so great seeing the sisters and nieces and daughters, except that they all looked so pretty and/or slim that I felt newly inspired to get back to my exercise routine. Of course, that may be the social fatigue talking. Then the next day I had to go to a memorial event in Alameda with the in-laws and that was sad but interesting. But I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch Monday afternoon while trying to crochet.

We are still working out the logistics of our tea parties, how to make the tea, how to have a constant supply of hot water, etc., but the food was great. Ab made some delicious scones and homemade English muffins that she toasted to order for everyone, plus she made Devonshire cream (clotted cream) and lemon curd that were so good that one sister just ate them with a spoon instead of spreading them on a scone. There were tea sandwiches, taquitos, quesadillas, quiche (three delicious things in a row that have a 'q' in the name), and cookies. Tea is a great meal because you can eat a ton of stuff overall, but you are only ever holding one small and dainty item at a time so you don't feel like you are pigging out.

I can feel the great knitting surge coming to an end and a waffle around period beginning to start. Sewing should be starting up pretty soon, so I have decided to jump start it by making something small, a checkbook cover for my poor cracked and torn blue checkbook. I found a nice piece of upholstery fabric yesterday and the pattern pieces I drew up several years ago, so should get started on that today.

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